• Background checking:
    Off-shore business companies operating in Korea and investors having business interests in Korea need to have the local experts to help them determine whether they are dealing with the right parties. We offer right kind of information and intelligence on the background of parties they deal with.
  • Due diligence:
    Local experts familiar with local culture are needed to aid off-shore clients to inform them whether they are overlooking the obvious or misguided by wrong kind of information. Utilizing the expertise of seasoned professionals, we provide the off-shore clients with the most reliable due diligence service.
  • Fraud investigation:
    Investigation of employee fraud is universal, but again, the knowledge of the local culture, customs, practices, and the language and business environment makes a big difference in getting to the bottom of fraud practice. Our well-experienced investigators carry with them decades of analytical experience, professional knowledge and probing technique to help solve complex fraud cases.
  • Legal support:
    Complex nature of problems arising out of today¡¯s fast-changing and complicated business environment demands to be responded rapidly and in cost-effective manner to assist clients prepare and proceed with legal actions. We answer the call from law firms, insurance companies and other industries to provide them with intelligence and information they need to have and evaluate.
  • Brand protection / Market survey:
    In the rapidly-changing and complicated business environment of today, accurate and detailed surveys of market trend and product changes is of great importance. Our researchers are equipped with professional knowledge of various commodities to distinguish and trace counterfeit goods to the sources of production to assist original manufacturers bring prosecution against the counterfeiting parties. Our researchers are also aware of the importance of timeliness and accuracy of market survey to assist business companies making timely decision.
  • TSCM:
    Our TSCM experts and engineers have been trained in the up-to-date techniques available in the trade to assist clients conduct their business without worrying about their proprietary information being compromised.
  • Asset / personnel & event protection:
    Our security personnel are the top notch experts well trained for all sorts of contingencies and are safeguarding over 100 events a year ranging from international soccer matches, exhibitions, traveling CEOs to rock-star concerts where thousands of fans are gathered. Our security experts know when to be inconspicuous and how to control the crowd.
  • Computer forensics:
    Our computer forensic service using Final Data program is fast and economical. Our clients, who are multinational business concerns with vested business interest in Korea and Korean law firms, find our computer forensic service efficient, reliable and satisfactory.