• Providers Korea utilizes a wide network of professionals in the country consisting of seasoned investigators, forensic experts and the country¡¯s oldest and largest security service company TRI International and Korea¡¯s pioneer forensic program developer Final Data, to assist off-shore clients and Korean corporations having foreign investors solve their complex risk problems.

  • Jungnam Chi, president of Providers Korea, worked 17 years from 1987 with the Los Angeles Times¡¯ Seoul bureau as an investigative reporter. Upon leaving the LA Times, Chi helped open Korea office of Hill & Associates and became its country representative (2004-2005). Prior to LA Times, Jungnam Chi had been engaged in shipping business for about 10 years before he became Korea correspondent for the Lloyd¡¯s List shipping news in 1980 and also for South magazine of London and Asian Business magazine of Hong Kong. Chi served as the president of Seoul Foreign Correspondents¡¯ Club (SFCC) in 2001. Through his 20 years-long journalistic career, Chi has developed and been maintaining a remarkably wide range of contact sources in political, economic and social/cultural sectors of Korea.

  • Boyeon Lim, operational director of Providers Korea, comes from the background of corporate intelligence and researches. Prior to joining Providers Korea, Boyeon Lim worked for Hill & Associates Korea commanding corporate fraud investigations and research projects. Boyeon worked for the Los Angeles Times Seoul bureau as a researcher before joining H&A Korea in 2004. Boyeon Lim¡¯s experience also covers market and product surveys, planning and editing news magazines and covering news in Korea.

  • TRI International, Partner: TRI International, which boasts over 250 well-trained security staff members, has successfully performed numerous number of security duties since its establishment in 1992 including asset protection, VIP & celebrity protection, event security, exhibitions security, sports games security and legal support activities. In addition to being the official security provider for FIFA-designated A-Match soccer games, TRI International is capable of providing TSCM services as well.

  • Final Data, Partner: A world class data recovery, solution & service company, Final Data is the developer of the computer forensic program ¡°Final Data,¡± which supports all Korean language applications as well as English language applications. Multinational business interests that have forensic needs in this part of the world will be better serviced by Final Data than other programs that have serious limitations to analyze Korean language applications. In addition, Final Data is faster and simpler to use than any other known forensic programs. The only shortfall of Final Data, at least for clients who intend to submit forensic results to the courts in the United States is that it has not yet been recognized by US courts as admissible evidence.